Facts and Myths about Water Softeners That You Should Know

It is a fact that you’ve encountered hard water because about 80% of sources of water contain hard water. Most people rely on water softeners because they believe soft water is reliable than hard water. This is one of the myths that people believe in and there are many more. This article will help you understand the myths people believe about water softeners, hard and soft water.


i. Hard water clogs pipes

This is a fact but it depends on the types of piping system you have in your home. A while ago, pipes in most homes were built using steel but nowadays they have been replaced with copper pipes. Steel pipes could clog because magnesium and calcium could have built up but nowadays it cannot because these minerals do not clog copper pipes.

ii. Water softeners filter water

This is not true because they only exchange sodium ions with calcium and magnesium ions. However, different softeners have different method and process of removing these ions but they do not filter them.

iii. Water softeners are safe for the environment

Water softeners have both the pros and cons. Nevertheless, they cause considerable damage to the environment. For instance, automatic water softeners waste a lot of water and put salty brine water into sources of water. This not only affects aquatic life but also damage crops that are irrigated downstream.

iv. Minerals contained in hard water are contaminants

These minerals are not contaminants but nutrients. In fact, according to research conducted at WHO, drinking hard water can reduce the chances of getting heart disease and stroke.

v. Water softeners can also purify water

This is a myth and it is not true. Water softeners exchange mineral ions and they do not filter water in any way. Therefore, it cannot remove chemicals, microorganisms or other pathogens regardless of the amount of salt you add in the brine tank.

Before buying a water softener, it is very important to research and understand the process of softening water, the pros and the cons of each water softener as well as the facts and myths about these systems. Otherwise, you might end up believing a myth that has been passed from one person to another over the years without proof.

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